UCHS Stating Lineup for Union County vs. Spartanburg


QB 17 Bo Whitney
TB 28 Marcus Whitener
FB 2 Joseph Smith
WR 4 Dwight Brannon
WR 7 Jeremy Porter
TE 84 Darren Perkins
RT 75 Josh Lowery
RG 61 Josh Lawter
C 58 Brandon Eubanks
LG 79 Tyler Adams
LT 72 Jamison Jones


DE 45 Alvin Young
DE 81 Kelvin Booker
DT 90 Sam Hammond
DT 94 Calvin Rice
LB 43 Clay Alexander
LB 52 Sylvester Moore
LB 2 Joseph Smith
CB 36 Akeem Beacham
CB 5 Curtis Miller
S 19 Marcus Lott
S 20 Kendrick Brewton


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