Playoffs - Not there yet!


By: Eddie Adams
October 17th, 2007

Looking ahead, which is sometimes not a good thing to do, it looks like the playoffs are not yet a sure thing for Union County with only two weeks to go. We must win at least one of our last two games to insure a playoff spot. Should we lose both our remaining regular season games and Greer and J. L. Man win out, we will not make the playoffs unless we slide in the "At Large" spot on the chart. This is of course, my calculations and I could be wrong. Go Jackets! Win out and leave no doubt!

Exploring even more possibilities, the best we can finish is a 2nd seed even if we win out and finish with a 5-2 region record. If Riverside loses their last two and finishes with a 5-2 record they would still beat us for first due to head to head. Number one seed is still between Riverside, Blue Ridge, and Clinton.

Lots of scenarios for sure even with only two games left.



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