Behind Enemy Lines – Wade Hampton


By: Paul Davis

For the Wade Hampton Generals (2-1) their number one issue is keeping their players healthy.

“If we could challenge anybody to 11-on-11, where 11 people play the whole game and that’s it, we’d be pretty good,” said third-year coach Kent Haltiwanger before the season started. “We’d take on anybody in the state.”

But, that’s not the way things work and the Generals have struggled in the past with loosing key players to injuries, something that may a problem this year with five players going both ways.

They have two good running backs, Courtney Croft and Roy Alexander, along with junior fullback Shannon Stone who ran for 66 yards, two touchdowns on just eight carries against Travelers Rest.

Their quarterback is senior Nick Hardman who passed for over 800 yards last year but so far this year has not enjoyed much success through the air.

Against Hillcrest (overtime loss 14-20), Hardman was only two for seven passing for just 43 yards while against Berea (35-6) he was 3-9-0 for 79 yards and against T-R (35-0) Hardman was 0-7-0.

The offensive line has a couple of starters returning from last year but they will also find themselves on the D-line such as Ashton Ornelas who also plays defensive end.

On offense, the Generals run the double wing and the winged-T, a pesky offense that opposing teams have difficulty preparing for. It relies on a great deal of motion in the backfield, three running backs, multiple fakes, and a “convoy” of blockers.

 They have shown the option but are not really considered an option team and try to control the game with their running attack. They’re considered “good” at mid-range when passing. So far they average around 150 yards per game on the ground and just 61 yards through the air.

On third and long they like to try the waggle pass and when trying to punch it in on the goal line they’ll go to the fullback iso.

On defense, Wade Hampton’s base is a 4-3 but will go to a 4-2 against a one-back set and 4-1 against double twins. They like to blitz their linebackers and are considered fair against the pass as well as the run.

But against Travelers Rest, the Generals picked off three passes, two of which went for touchdowns.

Over the first two games they only gave up six points but allowed Hillcrest to touch them for 20.

Against Hillcrest, the defense allowed 264 yards on 42 carries and just 25 yards through the air but, like the Generals, Hillcrest is primarily a running team and was just four for fourteen passing with three interceptions.

On kick-offs, they generally get the ball to around the ten-yard line and will sometimes pooch the ball short. They average about 35-yards per punt.

With the “pre-season” now over, Union , which has only averaged seven points a game, will have to get their offense hitting on eight cylinders if they are to make a run on a region championship while their defense dominates.



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