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We are selling ads in our 2007 Football Program.  Any parent who would like to purchase an ad for their athlete is welcome to do so.  You may design the ad yourself and include a picture if you like.  The money must be paid in full by July 30th.  You may bring the money to the school and ask that it be left in Mrs. Sherbert's box or Mrs. Sherbert will be at the school on July 29th from 3pm till 4pm and on July 30th from 9a.m. till 4pm .  Please make all checks payable to UHS Booster Club. 

If you have any questions, please call Union County High School (429-1750) and leave a message for Jessica Sherbert.


The cost of the ads will be:

Black and White Ads

Full Color Ads

Page        $25.00

Page          $50.00

Page        $100.00

Whole Page     $200.00

Page        $35.00

Page          $70.00

Page        $125.00

Whole Page     $250.00

Thanks for your support,
U.C.H.S. Athletics


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